Subsidy Solar System

with 5 Years Warranty on complete system &
30% Subsidy


MNRE Subsidy available for Homes Only
Home | Solar System Range: 2 KW - 50 KW | On Grid
Take benefit of Subsidy & reduce your cost
Reduce your electricity bills up to 90%
Solar Plant life - 25 Years | Warranty on Solar Panels - 25 Years

Why Solar

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Why Solar?

Save/Earn Money

Solar Power Systems help reduce electricity bill upto 90% & offer other financial benefits. ... Read More

Free power

Solar panels have 25+ year life. With payback of investment in 2-4 years, enjoy free power for 20+ yrs. ... Read More

Highest Returns

Investment in Solar Plants is risk free,, safe & delivers highest ROI in assured asset class... Read More

Increasing Power Cost

Investment in solar system today will save you from ever increasing costs of power.... Read More

Environment Friendly

Solar power is clean, helps reduce pollution, & carbon footrpint. Helps build a sustainable future... Read More

Improve Asset Value

Solar Power Systems improve the attractiveness of the asset both for rentals & sale.... Read More

Why us

Make the Smart Investment !